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UCSC SlugCents' Guide to Insurance

Written by UCSC SlugCents

Below is a guide to insurance provided by UCSC SlugCents. It includes summarized information on the many types of insurances including health, car, life, homeowner/renter's, and long term/short term disability, as well as the Umbrella Policy.

  • Car Insurance: Car insurance is required (in CA) and protects against accidents relating to cars, such as liability (when someone else gets injured or their car is totaled), collision (damage to your car), and incidents that arise from other factors outside of collision, like theft.

  • Health Insurance: Health insurance is required in the United States (with a tax penalty if not satisfied) and covers the cost of medical expenses associated with sickness or injury.

  • Life Insurance: Life insurance offers financial assistance when an insured person passes away by granting a lump sum check to the policy's beneficiary (living recipient).

  • Homeowner/Renter's Insurance: Homeowner's insurance covers the costs of replacing the home, its contents, and logistics when your home needs to be repaired. Renter's insurance covers the cost of personal belongings when renting an apartment or a house.

  • Long Term/Short Term Disability Insurance: Long Term and Short term Disability Insurance replaces a portion of the income lost when the policyholder becomes sick or injured and is unable to work.

  • Umbrella Policy: An umbrella policy is extra liability coverage that protects from being sued for damages for injuries caused to another in an accident or damages on someone else's property. The umbrella policy comes into effect when other insurance has exhausted its maximum value.

Please note that there are more nuances to insurance. If any students have questions on insurance, they should reach out to UCSC SlugCents at

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