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Produce Pop-Up hired three new coordinators!

Written by Jasmine Krause

We are so excited to start the Produce Pop-Up stand again! Pop-Up will be off of Taylor St on 2/5, 2/19, and 3/5. We will be at Family Student Housing on 2/12, 2/26, and 3/12. Our five coordinators will be going on farmer’s market runs and packing the produce into kitchen and kitchenless meal kits. These will be distributed every Friday from 10am-2pm through a sign-up sheet. We will ensure the safety of our coordinators and customers through having a quick system where people will drive through the stand and make a minimal contact hand-off. Our coordinators will also be sending weekly emails with instructions for those who sign-up on how to get to the location, the produce that will be in each box for that week, and more specific COVID guidelines. We are happy to be able to support our community during this time and continue to uplift other organizations!

This week (2/12) we will be at Family Student Housing. Here is the sign up that closes Wednesday (2/10) at midnight:

To learn more about Produce Pop-Up, visit them on Instagram!

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