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Off-Campus Housing Resources

Written by UCSC Basic Needs

Unsure about your housing situation for the 2021-2022 school year? You are not alone! We have compiled a list of off-campus housing resources and information that will hopefully provide some help during this process.

Housing Ambassador Peer Advising

The Housing Ambassador Program at UCSC is available to talk to students, peer-to-peer, to offer financial and educational referrals to partners at Slug Support and Community Rentals Office.

Contact the Housing Ambassadors with any questions you may have regarding off-campus housing at and at @ucschousingsupportservices on Instagram.

The Housing Ambassadors are offering Peer Advising during Spring Quarter!


Monday 9-12pm

Friday 4-5pm

Zoom ID: 530 054 9679

Rental Listings

If you are looking to live off-campus, check out! This website has great resources if you are looking to educate yourself as a first-time renter; it provides information on the average housing rates in Santa Cruz, questions to ask about a rental, and the steps required for an effective housing search. It also offers a Renters Workshop, which is a valuable resource because it demonstrates to landlords that you are a knowledgeable prospective tenant. is another great resource to utilize during your housing search. This website lists off-campus housing opportunities that are available to UCSC affiliates and allows students to create roommate profiles!

Off-Campus Housing Legal Consultation Services

The Dean of Students and the Student Union Assembly are partnering to offer UCSC students access to FREE legal consultation services related to off-campus, non-UCSC housing issues.

If you need help understanding your lease agreement or are experiencing a dispute with a landlord, Off-Campus Legal Consultation Services is available to you through McManic Law.

For more information, please visit the Dean of Students FAQ.

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