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Join us for the Fall Resilience Series!

Written by UCSC Basic Needs

The Resilience Series is back! This Fall Quarter, join us for weekly sessions covering topics such as self and community care, time management, and mindful communication.

To sign-up for a zoom session, please fill out this form. We hope to see you there!

Oct. 12th: The Resilient You

Gain knowledge about the dimensions and components of resilience, identify ways in which you can foster resilience in everyday life, learn and practice self-reflection tools to foster inner/outer resilience based on your personal stories, cultural identities, and academic goals.

Oct. 19th: Activating a Growth Mindset

Learn about Healing Justice as a framework that highlights the vital importance of taking care of oneself and others during challenging times and identify practical ways to enhance holistic self- and community care.

Oct. 26th: Managing Time Wisely

Learn task-management skills and motivation strategies, and maintain self-discipline, set academic goals, write out objectives and develop a daily action plan. Gain tools to enhance focus, discipline and creativity.

Nov. 2nd: Body Wisdom

Gain an embodied awareness about how stress shows up and influences our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Learn practices to support thriving and access inner resources that enhance healing and wellbeing

Nov. 9th: Cultivating a Healthy Mindset

Learn a 5-step process for transforming negative self-talk, foster self-compassion when facing life challenges, and reflect on your habitual mindsets.

Nov. 16th Mindful Emotional Care in Challenging Times

Learn mindfulness-based strategies for attending to difficult emotions when they arise, develop helpful attitudes to overcome fear and anxiety, and discover ways to find calm within.

Nov. 23rd Mindful Communication

Learn practical tips to raise self-awareness and bring more clarity and care to communications; enhance personal well-being and interpersonal relationships. Gain skills for mindful speaking, listening, and setting healthy boundaries.

Nov. 30th: Being Your Best Self

Explore and share ideas and ways to achieve success now and in the future. Topics will include personal qualities for success, barriers for showing up as “the best version” of ourselves, and the power of intention and intuitive visualization as self-knowledge strategies.

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