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Join the RCC Garden at our Queer Astrology Open Mic!

Written by Hector Castenada & Chardonay Thomas


Come and join us for a festive, queer & cosmic hangout & workshop! First 5 people to RSVP may have a 10-minute mini astro reading! We'll be having our online event celebration on 05/01/21 and would love to invite you! <3 ( All times are PST)

Help us celebrate queer astrology, abundance mindset & Hector's 22nd with a workshop, open mic, and mini-readings with Chardonay Thomas, the founder of Healing Cool Waters!

Hector Castaneda (@dogdaysareover_hectorc, is a writer, audio engineer, singer-songwriter, curator. Jack of all trades. San José & Santa Cruz, CA. Intuition, ancestral energy, linguistics, surrealism, organized chaos, metaphysicality, (in)harmony, philosophy, queerness, biology, marginalized bodies, the rewritten, and unwritten. Shapeshifting chameleon night owl constantly phoenixing architecture of my body.

The agenda is as follows: we'll be doing icebreakers at 5:30PM, beginning the abundance mindset workshop at 6PM, share at 6:30PM, and start mini-readings with Chardonay at 7:15PM.

Healer. Herbalist. Medium. Poet.

"I’m Chardonay, and Healing Cool Waters is my creation. I’ve been practicing intuitive divination for 10 years, and herbalism for 5 years. I’m currently an Ifa priest in training, in the Isese L’Agba tradition, practicing traditional Ifa and Orisa worship. Presently, I’m studying to fully initiate into Ifa, Osun, and Egbe (spiritual mates/squad). I am omo Osun (child of Osun). Osun is an herbalist, healer, diviner, protector and the embodiment of water. I work closely with her in creating herbal remedies and performing healing sessions.

The mission of Healing Cool Waters is to assist in the healing journey of the collective. All products and services are designed to assist you in fulfilling your destiny. The work I do is ancestrally and divinely guided. In order to truly heal the generational wounds and trauma I’ve directly faced, I had to heal in layers journaling, meditation, and facing the parts of my soul that aren’t easy to look at. As rough as it is, this work has brought me closer to my Ori (head/destiny/higher self). It’s made it easier to trust my intuition and stick to the path of my destiny. It is a crucial part of managing my mental and spiritual health, because you cannot separate one from the other.

I am an organizer of RickOak Events, a poetry based non-profit and I believe poetry, like all art, is a tool for healing self and community. I use writing prompts as a part of my healing services due to the impact writing has on your clarity. Free-writing is a way to allow your ancestors to speak through you, to understand why you are “the way you are”, and decide if that’s what you want to be or not. I advocate for the use of poetry during writing prompts, because poetic tools allow us to create a “safe” space to explore trauma and shadows.

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Healing is continuous. The Work keeps working, and you must guide it. Creating and maintaining your spiritual, physical, and mental hygiene is necessary for a peaceful life. "

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