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AARCC's 30th Anniversary Meal Kit Collaboration

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Written by UCSC Basic Needs

Sautéed Collard Greens

This year, the AARCC, FSWG, and the Cowell Coffee Shop collaborated to offer a meal kit in honor of the AARCC's 30th Anniversary!

The Meal Kit recipes, designed by AARCC intern Shaye Paysinger in collaboration with the Cowell Coffee Shop team, highlight local food pathways and sustainable farm-to-table practices.

Each Meal Kit included partially prepped ingredients for chili made with CASFS Hueterite heirloom beans, sautéed collards, baked mac and cheese, and a carrot spice cake. The Meal Kits provided a partially prepped meal for 4-6 people (10-12 servings) and could be vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous!

The first half of the AARCC’s two-part event was a formal celebration with distinguished speakers who will deliver keynote speeches and share their personal stories. The second half of the celebration featured community zoom rooms! Guests were invited to attend a variety of community zoom rooms and engage with students in the various activities planned.

One of the community zoom rooms offered was the Cooking Room, in which folks could come cook alongside AARCC interns and the Cowell Coffee Shop and FSWG. The Meal Kits contained all of the ingredients and information that were necessary to follow along with the demonstration!

One event attendee noted that "participating in AARCC’s 30th Anniversary event allowed me to be part of a safe space that reminded me of home 🤎. The event had an amazing array of highlights, but for me, it was the feeling of joy & liveliness when we came together (virtually) to cook dinner. We were all excited to partake and socialize with one another through the power of food. I'm immensely thankful for the resource centers that provided our meal kits and value their time and dedication to ensure we had access to all of our ingredients and recipes. The partnership of UCSC Basic Needs & AARCC demonstrated that a community that aims to help its members can make a difference in food accessibility, good health, and a life full of joy!✨🏵" (via @_yarethhh on Instagram).

To learn more about the AARCC 30th Anniversary Meal Kit Collaboration, please check out these videos documenting the process!

(Note: Please excuse the orange thumbnails, they are not the same videos! We recommend checking out both videos :) )

Basic Needs and AARCC Meal Kit Video

Basic Needs and AARCC Farm-to-Kit Video

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